History and Mission

An immense need to help nonprofit corporations own and improve their homes led to IFF’s founding in 1988. While working at the Chicago Community Trust as assistant director, Trinita Logue launched IFF as a $1.7 million loan fund to fill a gap: long-term financing for nonprofits’ capital projects. Our services expanded to include real estate consulting and development, research and public policy, and community development. 

Although we have changed in some ways, our values have not. We fight for the most affordable solutions, understanding every saved dollar goes to the mission. We strive for long-term value and relationships, knowing that strong nonprofits make for strong communities.

Our work with and for nonprofits continues to evolve as we focus on some of the nation’s most urgent challenges: health care, education, and affordable and supportive housing. We also are addressing the need for access to fresh and healthy food, community-integrated housing for people with disabilities, accessible early childhood education and care, and sustainable communities.

Our vision: By 2018, we plan to provide comprehensive solutions with transformational outcomes in low-income and special needs communities throughout the Midwest.

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