How Our Consulting Works

As a mission-driven real estate consultant, we care about more than completing your project on time and under budget. IFF's real estate experts help you to make the right decisions while saving you time and money. We also always keep in mind opportunities for sustainability. Our services include:

  • Feasibility Assessment – We review agency goals and financial capacity before developing a facility plan. We assess the location and amount of needed space, market conditions in the target location, and likely project costs and development scenarios. In our recommendations, we examine the costs, benefits, and financial and programming implications of each option.
  • Facility Assessment – We evaluate facilities both owned and being considered for purchase, assess their condition and potential to meet the agency’s needs, and outline recommended improvement costs.
  • Strategic Facilities Plan – If you have multiple facilities, we analyze your agency’s building portfolio while considering your financial condition and client demographics. We help your agency prepare a year-by-year plan for short- and long-term facility needs while factoring in renovation priorities and budget constraints.
  • Facility Search and Evaluation Services – We identify, examine, and compare properties; help you identify any potential problems; and negotiate a lease or purchase agreement.
  • Owner's Representative Services – From blueprint to ribbon cutting, we support you every step of the way. We coordinate project financing as well as set up and monitor the construction escrow and payment services, and assist with permits, zoning requirements, and other public approval processes. Acting as the owner's advocate throughout the project, our team troubleshoots scheduling or budget issues and you through every decision.
  • Polk Bros. Foundation Subsidy Program – Through a special grant from Polk Bros. Foundation, we are able to subsidize other grantees of this organization up to 65 percent off of our fees for their next real estate project.
  • Energy Performance Program Evaluation Services – By helping you significantly reduce electricity, gas, and water bills through energy-efficiency upgrades, we enable you to allocate more money toward operations and programs. We also help to find and apply for grants and incentives, and finance the remaining upfront costs. If requested, we also can oversee the LEED™ Green Building Certification application.

To begin planning your next project, email or call us at 866 629 0060.