Real Estate Services

Whether you are starting to plan for growth or preparing to find a new home, you can rely on IFF to guide your organization from initial project conception through the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Through every stage of the process, our expertise in real estate planning and development helps ensure every decision is in your best interests. And as a nonprofit, we understand the competing priorities you have to balance on a daily basis.

Our expertise reflects completion of over 700 projects for nonprofit clients as well as state and local governments across our region. Offering knowledge and skills as diverse as the needs of the agencies we serve, our seasoned staff members are proficient in site selection; facility condition assessment; green design; construction management; financial analysis and packaging; and more.

Choose from our fully integrated real estate services and we will customize a proposal focused on your needs. Click here for a PDF overview of our Real Estate Services.

To begin planning your next project, email or call us at 866 629 0060.