IFF continues to grow and prosper through our greatest asset: our team of talented, dedicated professionals. Committed to excellence and our mission, our staff members draw from a variety of professions and areas of expertise to advance our clients’ goals and enhance communities.



Please click here for a full list of our staff in Chicago.

Craig Mizushima
Senior Vice President of Capital Solutions

Terri Haymaker
Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services 

Robin Schabes
Vice President of Community Development Initiatives

Jose Cerda III 
Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Jovita Baber
Vice President of Research and Evaluation 

Susana Vasquez
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Regional Offices


Bryan Conn
Senior Project Manager 

Nicholas Johnson
Director of Lending 

Nate Lichti
Director of Real Estate Services 


Kirby Burkholder
Vice President and Executive Director – Eastern Region

Natalie Ciampichini
Project Associate – Real Estate Services

Ja’Net DeFell
Director of Real Estate Services 

Alexis Dishman
Director of Lending – Education

Monica Duncan 
Director of Early Childhood Services 

Jeff Henze
Project Manager

Senior Owner's Representative
Senior Project Manager
Administrative Assistant – Eastern Region 


Robin Toewe
Director of Real Estate Services 

Andrew McLean
Senior Owner's Representative 


David Desai-Ramirez
Executive Director – Southern Region 

Josh Best
Senior Project Manager – Kansas City 

Breigh Montgomery
Administrative Assistant

Stephen Westbrooks
Senior Loan Officer 

Edgar Velazquez
Senior Project Manager 


Bryan Kieler
Director of Lending


Sue Eick
Director of Lending 

Sarah Moloney
Senior Project Manager