Chicago Pay for Success Initiative April 28, 2017

IFF is the project coordinator and financial intermediary for Chicago’s first Pay for Success (PFS) program. Launched in 2014, the PFS program is an innovative public-private partnership that expands Chicago Public Schools’ Child-Parent Center (CPC) program, making it possible for more than 2,600 kids and their families to benefit from CPC’s high-quality early childhood and parent engagement services through 2018.

For each year of the program, SRI International, the program’s independent evaluator, releases a report of student performance across kindergarten readiness, special education utilization, and third-grade literacy. This year’s report includes results and updates on the first two student cohorts. Also available are an addendum written by Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago, a fact sheet providing a general report summary and program overview, and the details of the success payment calculation.

Also available are a fact sheet and evaluation report for the first year of the Chicago PFS.