Music Hall Center provides much-needed art classes for Detroit Public Schools April 1, 2016

Through five educational programs, the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts provides Detroit Public Schools with some of the only arts lessons in its curriculum. Over 20,000 underserved youth benefit from Music Hall employees teaching music, dance, and theater in elementary and middle schools.

Recently, Music Hall sought IFF’s help to refinance its mortgage. IFF’s loan will save Music Hall $190,000 annually while the organization proceeds with its capital campaign.

“IFF really took the time to fully understand our needs,” said Vince Paul, Music Hall’s president and artistic director. “IFF’s financing has allowed Music Hall to maintain its composure while we conduct a historical campaign to reduce debt and build capacity.”

In 2008, Music Hall suffered tough losses with the collapse of Detroit’s auto industry. Music Hall made extreme budget cuts when committed corporate donors were forced to reduce their funding support.

Remaining true to its mission, Music Hall has fought to maintain programming and sustain its presence in the community. Its leadership has spearheaded a promising capital campaign to aid in eliminating debt and supporting overall growth.

Centrally located in downtown Detroit’s entertainment district, Music Hall has been a staple in the community’s culture since 1928. Named a Michigan Historical Site in 1976 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, “The People’s Theatre” offers a unique mix of quality cultural programs to southeast Michigan’s diverse population.