Detroit Early Childhood Education Providers Network

What is the Provider Network?

The Detroit Early Childhood Education Providers Network provides intentional space and place for ECE providers to come together in a supportive community of practice that advances leadership, quality, and service capacity. Together this network:

  • Convenes in an environment that fosters collaboration and connectedness
  • Shares knowledge about emerging changes, advances, and opportunities within the community
  • Connects to opportunities for ECE professional development and other supportive resources (i.e., shared services, business basics, grant opportunities, etc.)


How does it work?

Providers are in the trenches of the daily work to care for Detroit’s children, and they are the experts who will guide the direction of the Network. That’s why we’re launching the Provider Network in summer 2019 with a series of initial focus groups, conversations, and surveys to gather input from providers about their goals, as well as what opportunities and services they might desire from the Network.

With those inputs to guide us, we hope to develop programming that fosters collaboration and connectedness, cultivates ECE best and leading practices, enhances programmatic and facility quality, maintains business sustainability, and advances strategies that promote quality options for families.


Why are we doing this?

ECE providers in the Detroit area are predominately led by women of color who have been serving children for many years. They are important and valued contributors to the education pipeline (kindergarten readiness) and the overall community ecosystem. It is imperative that they have a supportive space to receive information that is accurate, positioned for positive solutions/actions, and sustains their businesses.


How can providers participate?

Attend our gatherings! Please RSVP below for our first meeting scheduled for:

July 30, 2019
6:00-8:00 PM
Marygrove College’s Madame Cadillac Hall, Faculty Dining Room



If you have questions about the Provider Network, please contact IFF Early Childhood Education Program Manager Jeff Henze at (313) 305-0573 or