Capital Solutions

For over 25 years, nonprofits have trusted us to plan, finance, and build the facilities critical to their mission. At IFF, we help communities across the Midwest thrive by creating opportunities for our customers through affordable, flexible loan products. We value your presence in the community and design capital solutions that help you grow, build net assets, and strengthen your financial health.

We provide you the right tools and expertise to acquire and build a new home, or renovate your existing one. We also offer loans for energy-efficient upgrades and equipment and vehicle purchases. Our customers include human services agencies, affordable and supportive housing providers, schools, health clinics, and community arts and cultural centers.

Our loans support organizations serving low-income communities and people with disabilities throughout our region. We also work collaboratively with other lenders and funding sources, including new markets and low-income housing tax credits.

To find out what IFF capital solution is best for you, email or call us at 866 629 0060.