• New YMCA in West Louisville reimagines public health through an equity lens

    Not for the community. With the community.

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  • Honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    IFF clients give advice on how to spread awareness and act as allies

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  • Guest blog: Using data to drive investment and impact

    How do we ensure our loans are moving the needle on larger community challenges?

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  • Photo Tour: A ‘cathedral to youth tennis’ in Chicago

    XS Tennis is training the next generation of south siders to have a great backhand -- and earn free college tuition

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  • Community developers should care about early education

    No type of facility development in the nonprofit sector is more daunting than early learning centers

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IFF's Learning Spaces: Three Stories of Growth

Safe and inspiring learning environments lay the foundation for positive early childhood experiences. That’s why IFF is working with high-quality early childhood providers to transform their spaces. IFF’s Learning Spaces program provides grants and technical assistance to upgrade early learning facilities in the Detroit area. The improvements are leading to increased capacity so that more Detroit families can access quality care. This video highlights stories from three providers who went through the program.

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