IFF brings together a powerful combination of resources and expertise to accelerate positive social impact and systems change.

Social Impact Accelerator

Created in 2018, the Social Impact Accelerator (SIA) uniquely positions IFF to deepen and grow our impact by scaling what works, innovating new solutions, and driving systems change. SIA’s purpose is to ensure that our work is data-informed, rooted in equity, and reflective of our cumulative wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

SIA’s work is centered around these five organizational practices:

Strategic Insights

IFF distills place-based, community-informed data into actionable insights to support strategic investment and decision-making. Learn more about our research services.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

As IFF strives to be an anti-racism and anti-oppression (ARAO) organization, we are holding ourselves accountable, both individually and as an organization, for equity in practice. Learn more about our equity, diversity, and inclusion work.

Sector-Based Strategy

In sectors like early childhood education, IFF leverages our expertise and experience to refine and improve our products and services to better support nonprofits, while also working to identify and address system-level challenges.

Strategic Response

In order to bring the best of IFF to every market, cross-functional IFF teams design, implement, and improve our products, services, programs, and initiatives to address complex organizational and community challenges.


Organizational Learning

Through intentional, systematic reflection and evaluation of our work, IFF uses the knowledge we gain to grow and deepen our impact.

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Tara Townsend

Tara Townsend

President, Social Impact Accelerator
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