Early Childhood Education

A blog by IFF staff and special guest authors

Childcare is a bedrock for families in the workforce throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas. How do we ensure equitable access to high-quality early childhood care and education? How do we support providers in their journey to creating and maintaining quality programs and beautiful facilities that inspire learning? How do we encourage community developers to engage in the early learning sector?

This blog seeks to elevate the voices of parents, teachers, advocates, early education providers, and community developers who share our profound vision that all children, regardless of their zip code, are able to thrive and reach their full potential. Such a vision requires us to support each other’s advocacy, influence policy, and ignite investment and momentum for quality early care and education programs throughout the Midwest.

Together, we hope to cover a range of topics, inspiring and educating those interested in how early childhood education informs our approach to building strong communities for all people.

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Stronger Together: Health Care Systems Investing in Early Care & Education