Stronger Nonprofits Initiative’s Chicago Cohorts Gather for Reunion October 27, 2023

On Wednesday, October 25, participants from all four Chicago cohorts of the Stronger Nonprofits Initiative (SNI) gathered for a reunion to connect and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Taking place at Little Black Pearl, a cultural arts center located in Kenwood on the South Side, the reunion offered a unique opportunity for Chicago’s SNI participants to strengthen connections with their own cohorts and build connections with participants from other cohorts. Attendees spanned the full course of SNI, with participants represented from the first ever SNI cohort in 2017 through the most recent cohorts that launched earlier this year.

SNI launched in 2017 in Chicago, offering nonprofits led by people of color a 14-month curriculum designed to grow their organizations’ capacity and build networks in the philanthropy world. The program includes training sessions for nonprofit financial management, one-on-one financial coaching, customized real estate consulting, and special networking opportunities. Since launching, SNI has spread across the Midwest, featuring cohorts in Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Currently, there are two active cohorts, both located in Chicago.

Click here to view a digital yearbook showcasing all Chicago SNI participants.

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