Chicago’s Lakeview Pantry expands space, capacity by buying new home March 1, 2015

After 12 years in a storefront space, Chicago’s Lakeview Pantryneeds a bigger home—again. For 32 years, the food pantry program operated out of a 970-square-foot boiler room in the former Jane Adams Center. When the center closed, Lakeview Pantry expanded its reach by renting a 4,100-square-foot space. Now, to increase capacity once more, the organization bought a 7,500-square-foot building a few blocks away from its current home.

This marks the second time Lakeview Pantry has hired IFF to identify and plan for a larger location. The new site offers a conference room and a bigger waiting area. People will be able to fit inside without spilling onto the sidewalk—an important detail for an agency dedicated to serving its clients with dignity and respect.

“Over the past decade, Lakeview Pantry has formed a deep relationship with IFF that has benefited our organization greatly and, even more importantly, benefited those who rely on us for help,” Executive Director Gary Garland said. “They have walked us through the intricacies of real estate leasing and, most recently, ownership and construction—and done so in the most professional manner. Having IFF at our side allows us to concentrate on our programs and mission.”

IFF also is providing a $1.5 million loan to buy and renovate the building, including for accessibility and code improvements. To raise additional funds, the 45-year-old agency launched a capital campaign about two years ago and has raised more than 75 percent of its $3.3 million goal. Lakeview Pantry plans to move into its new home in early 2016.