IFF report helps education stakeholders direct resources in Minneapolis schools October 1, 2015

With 25 public and charter schools providing 11,116 high-performing seats for Minneapolis’ 41,933 students, Minnesota Comeback will focus on creating 30,000 seats in quality schools. Nearly half the shortage is in 11 highest-need areas in northwest and central east Minneapolis, according to a recently released IFF study.

The study will guide Minnesota Comeback, a coalition of education and philanthropic leaders committed to transforming K-12 education in Minneapolis, as it works to ensure that every child in Minneapolis has access to a quality school. Minnesota Comeback (formerly the Education Transformation Initiative) commissioned the study, which evaluates the city’s 99 public district and public charter schools. Other findings include:

  • 64 percent of high-performing seats are provided by 12 district schools
  • 36 percent of high-performing seats are provided by 13 charter schools
  • 41 percent of all seats were in the two lowest performance categories

In IFF’s report, the best options for increasing high-performing seats include replicating or expanding the strategies of quality schools that successfully serve low-income populations, and accelerating the performance of the 12,700 seat in mid- performing schools. Read the release here.

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