IFF’s 2018 Annual Investors Report April 11, 2019

IFF has now lent more than $900 million to nonprofits, affordable housing developers, and grocery stores throughout the Midwest. But we don’t just make loans; we align capital with justice. We come to work every day because we know our financing enables thousands of people — regardless of income, regardless of neighborhood — to live, work, go to the doctor, access healthy food, and send their kids to a quality school.

In our 2018 Annual Investors Report, you will see numerical outputs of our work as well as important financial updates on our organizational growth — but these numbers, as impressive as they are, do not begin to tell the whole story of our impact. For that, we must turn to the human beings whose stories are intrinsically tied to our own — the people who lead nonprofits, open businesses, and teach young minds, as well as the people who live and work in neighborhoods served by those nonprofits, businesses, and schools. The end result of our work is never just a building; it’s a stronger community for all.

As IFF has grown our balance sheet, deepened our knowledge of nonprofit sectors, and broadened our programmatic offerings, our core values have remained unchanged. We prioritize equity, lean into partnerships, solve for tensions, and steward with heart. Thanks for continuing the journey with us.