Chicago’s Pay for Success Program Evaluation: Years 1-5 April 30, 2018

IFF is the project coordinator and financial intermediary for Chicago’s first Pay for Success (PFS) program. Launched in 2014, the PFS program is an innovative public-private partnership that expands Chicago Public Schools’ Child-Parent Center (CPC) program, making it possible for more than 2,600 kids and their families to benefit from CPC’s high-quality early childhood and parent engagement services.

For each year of the program, SRI International, the program’s independent evaluator, releases a report of student performance across kindergarten readiness, special education utilization, and third-grade literacy. Here are all existing reporting materials:

Year 5 Reporting Materials
Released August 2021

Year 4 Reporting Materials
Released May 2019

Year 3 Reporting Materials
Released April 2018

Year 2 Reporting Materials
Released April 2017

Year 1 Reporting Materials
Released April 2016