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Live Panel Discussion: Nonprofit Facility Projects
February 14th, at 12pm CT 

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Hear from nonprofit leaders who are embarking on and finishing facility projects about their experiences, lessons learned, and things to think about if you’re planning a facility project.

Webinar series dates:

  • Tuesday, October 18th, at 12 pm CT (view recording below)
  • Tuesday, November 15th, at 12 pm CT (view recording below)
  • Tuesday, February 14th, at 12 pm CT

About the Speaker:

Kate Ansorge is the Managing Director of Chicago Real Estate Services at IFF.  She has a 20-year nonprofit and community development facility planning and financing background and leads IFF’s Chicago Real Estate Solutions team of 10 staff working with nonprofits on facility projects. Connect with Kate on LinkedIn.

Did you miss our November 15th or October 18th webinars? You can access the recorded sessions below!

Polk Bros. Foundation and IFF’s Real Estate Consulting Partnership

Real estate projects are a major undertaking and a significant milestone for a nonprofit, yet often outside the scope of expertise of senior management or boards of directors. IFF’s team of real estate professionals guides and assists nonprofits in achieving their real estate goals and avoiding costly pitfalls while allowing organizations to remain focused on their mission.

Polk Bros. Foundation has supported IFF’s Real Estate Consulting program for many years. This year, the Foundation has provided IFF a special grant to subsidize our fees for Polk Bros. Foundation grantees planning for new or renovated space. Thanks to the grant, for a limited time, IFF is able to offer some of our affordable consulting services at an even lower cost.

This generous grant subsidizes up to 65 percent of IFF’s fees for the following services:

Feasibility Study

To help an organization determine whether a real estate development project is financially and operationally feasible, IFF staff will:

  • Work with key senior management and board members to understand the organization’s current space needs and long-term goals
  • Evaluate a current facility or potential new facility to understand facility needs and challenges
  • Prepare a financial assessment to determine whether a project is viable
  • Present to agency leadership a range of facility development options (lease vs. buy, renovate vs. build)

Site Search, Evaluation, and Due Diligence Services

To ensure an organization ultimately secures the right facility at the right price under the best possible terms, IFF staff will:

  • Identify site search parameters including size, cost, target location(s), and other requirements based on current needs and long-term goals
  • Identify and evaluate sites for programmatic, structural, and cost fit
  • Rank each site across identified parameters and recommend the best options
  • Manage all due diligence related to site control including conduct final inspection, preparing preliminary architectural drawings, and negotiating lease or purchase contract

Predevelopment and Construction Oversight

To help nonprofits manage the predevelopment and construction process:

  • Serve as owner’s representative by developing and managing project schedule and budget as the project moves from design through construction to closeout
  • Oversee design and permit phases including the selection of architects and contractors to ensure the program needs of the agency are met
  • Monitor construction and close-out phases including construction pay applications and reviews; assist in value engineering and coordination with contractors and vendors, and ensure final occupancy

Contact IFF

If your organization is planning a facility project, IFF will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about it and provide a proposal for services to help ensure your success. Email or call us at 866 629 0060 about your next project.