Stronger Nonprofits Initiative: Five Years of Investment and Impact June 7, 2023

To support nonprofit organizations working to close racial equity gaps through their programming, it is crucial to invest in closing the disparities these nonprofits led by leaders of color and serving communities of color experience in accessing financing and real estate. Five years ago, IFF joined BDO FMA and JPMorgan Chase to create a unique, intentional approach to investing in nonprofits and their leaders by launching the Stronger Nonprofits Initiative (SNI). Since its launch in 2017, the program has developed insights and a model that other CDFIs, funders, and leaders can learn from and apply to their own work.

In March 2023, we gathered with program participants, partners, and funders for a Stronger Nonprofits Initiative Five-Year Celebration. It was an inspiring conversation highlighting the importance of investing in and reducing racialized barriers for nonprofit leaders of color. Below is a short video recap of the celebration and a report highlighting key learnings from the first five years of SNI, impact stories, and more.

Click below to read and download a PDF of the report.