We’re here for you. Please stay in touch. March 20, 2020

To our nonprofit clients,

We know you don’t have a lot of free time to read messages right now. So we’ll get right to the two things we want to share.

One – We understand this is an extraordinarily difficult time.

No one has navigated a moment quite like this before. We’ve been partnering with nonprofits like you for more than 30 years, and we can only imagine the strain you’re facing.

  • Health care clinics, homeless shelters, and food pantries are rapidly filling up
  • Early childhood centers are facing enormous and immediate stress to stay afloat
  • Arts and culture organizations are experiencing a precipitous drop in revenues
  • Social safety-net organizations are anticipating greater need combined with fewer resources at this moment of great financial instability
  • Communities of color, who have historically paid a higher price for capital and experienced a disproportionate share of economic and health hardship, are likely to be put under even greater strain at this moment

Nonprofits like you rely on IFF to navigate tough financial decisions. In this moment of unprecedented uncertainty, we’re actively exploring ways – with government, philanthropy, banks and others – to support you during this crisis. We will share this information as it becomes available and do whatever we can to provide ongoing support.

Two – Please stay in touch.

Contact us

Our full list of lenders, portfolio managers, project managers, construction managers, developers, and vital service staff are all listed at www.iff.org/staff.

We know things are changing from day-to-day. But the sooner we know how you’re doing and what you need, the better. There’s no such thing as over-communication. The more we know, the more we can help. And the more we understand, the better we can inform government, philanthropic, and banking leaders who are positioned to provide relief.

Communities are resilient because the nonprofits that support them are strong. We know people are relying on you more than ever, and IFF is as committed as ever to serving you during this time.

Stay safe,
Joe  Neri

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